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Sunday, February 19, 2012
  Sunday morning in deep waters
i'll come back to you someday

This photograph has a soundtrack, the wonderful song "Ghost Town" by the Swedish sister duo First Aid Kit:

Their new album "The Lion's Roar" is fantastic, and I highly recommend checking it out. Sometimes, their voices make me shiver.

I'm now in some crazy-busy times - I am taking a Proficiency Exam in order to graduate from my Masters' Program (along with my last two classes), which involves writing two 8-12 page papers in two weeks on two separate topics which I just chose out of 10 possible. No pressure, though, nope.

Our attic is empty; yesterday the basement was triaged, and old boxes were bound up for the recycling center. Old furniture goes to the curb on Tuesday evening to be picked over.

So I'm in deep waters, but I swim, I'm a swimmer. So I'm keeping on. But I feel somewhat tied with heavy ropes to these particular railroad tracks (by a cackling villain in a top hat twiddling a handlebar moustache). Still, after I'm untied, I'll come back to you someday.

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Wow. Beautiful song, video and photograph. Good luck, you can make it through!
Thanks, Megan! We're looking forward to seeing your folks this weekend. :)
PS We think Gabe might like First Aid Kit :)
Muse - I loved "The Lion's Roar" tune by First Aid Kit on my mix CD! I never would have guessed they were Swedish. So many other things to love, too. I'm listening to both mixes thoroughly in my car. I was surprised and tickled by the dubsteppish, car-shaking Rusko tune, and found the video pretty adorable and not too naughty:

Anyway, this is just an initial thank-you for the delightful parcel. Good luck on the proficiency paper writing!
My dear Cloud - You are totally welcome :) I am pleased that you have been enjoying the package, and the music. That video is so cute! I'm totally passing it on to my friend Micah. I look forward to conversing with you more when all my hair-pulling (if not running) is over. Thanks for the luck - I need it.
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