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Friday, November 23, 2007
  Re(a)d again

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This is us .... excellent.
  Slapsgiving feast!

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As part of our terrific Slapsgiving feast this year, I made my usual butternut-squash ginger biscuits - only I made them in the shape of chipmunks. They're not very squashy - I had a low-yield butternut squash - but it's sure fun to bite their heads off.
Wednesday, November 21, 2007
  A beautiful day in the neighborhood

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I took this photo in Myrtle Beach, SC a week and a half ago. That's really all I've got to say about it. Now, to use it for smarmy inspirational photo cards, t-shirts, note-pads,etc. That's where the money is - pseudo-metaphysical life-affirming merchandise.
Saturday, November 17, 2007
I tried a new exercise class today. My awesome water aerobics student B (who reminds me of a way cooler, alternate-universe version of my Mom, with tattoos) has a daughter, S, who has just started teaching Zumba at the YWCA. So, B & I made a date to take S's class this morning, with lunch afterward.

Holy catz! That was fun! Also, I worked up a good sweat, so probably I'll go back. S is a very enthusiastic and enjoyable teacher. I shook my money maker. I shook everything else too, and only felt slightly silly doing it, because 30 other people were also shaking it and letting it all hang out.

I salsa'ed, I mambo-ed, I did the calypso. Even a non-hip-having whitegirl tomboy like me was able to feel like a Latin dancing queen for 45 minutes.

So speaking of not having hips, it's been brought to my attention that I'm also woefully booty-deficient. I guess I've never really had a booty, having the aforementioned flat whitegirl ass. I mean, I'll never have back like J.Lo, but I might look into how to build up that asset a little.

I'm thinking of exploring some Latin Dance lessons - it might be fun for Nick and I to mambo or salsa to Manu Chao at our wedding reception :) I've got to learn how to swivel those relatively-non-existent hips!
Friday, November 02, 2007
  Before the Fall(s) ...

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Here's your Friday Moment of Zen - the Kanawha Falls, from the other side. I went out driving by myself at the end of September, out in gorgeous, wild, wonderful West Virginia.

Have some. Yes, have some.
  Hippo Birdies

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A very Happy Birthday to my beloved Dr. Nick! Now he has age to go with his wisdom.

And I am off to the airport to pick up his parents, Fred & Wendy, for a lovely weekend visit.
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