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Monday, August 26, 2013
  Hunting for Niches
So, it's been over a year since I posted in this blog. Alas, it's mostly due to being employed and having a long commute. Good news! Now I have neither of those things. My dear friend Sarah at Cloud of Secrets suggested, in lieu of photo walks (since we live far away from each other), that we participate in photographic theme challenges. Our first challenge was Hunting for "Niches" (small places, hidden places, special places), and you can view her lovely photographs, and the stories that go with them, here. It took me a long time to do this assignment, but finally here are my "niches".

bridge to nowhere

Niche #1: the Bridge to Nowhere. This bridge in Clarksville, TN is at the end of the Upland Trail that goes down to the Riverside. This end of the trail is near our house, and it dead-ends at this bridge. At one time they may have had plans (they may still) to extend the bridge and connect it to the park on the other side of the railroad tracks, but for now it ends here in a fence. This spring I noticed the padlock on the fence, with initials secured to it with tape. No doubt, the people who put the padlock on the fence meant to start a place of Love padlocks. Now, the initials are gone - I don't know if this is due to the weather or on purpose, but it makes me a little sad. Maybe I should add a padlock of my own.

go under the ivy

Niche #2: Go Under the Ivy. This arbor is in the chapel garden at Silver Bay, NY. It's a place of cool, green peace; a place of quiet contemplation, and I like to walk the path there in the mornings before too many other people are stirring.

rest from your labors

Niche #3: Rest From your labors. This corner is also in the Silver Bay chapel garden, a nice bench for reflection. Also, apparently, a temporary storage place for tools (they were there several days running).

Our next assignment is "Dark Entries" - you can guess that two ladies of a gothic bent (You can take the girl out of Goth, but you can't take the Goth out of the girl)will have a fine time with that, as we go into the autumnal and spooky times of year. Stay tuned!

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