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Thursday, February 21, 2008
  Not made of Lego

Bridge over New River Gorge
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This is the bridge I was talking about - The Bridge over the New River Gorge. The Bridge Formerly-Known-As-The-Longest-Steel-Span-Bridge-in-the-World. I took this photo in September, when the world was still all leafy.
  I went to Kentucky, and it was O.K.

Cathedral Cafe
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... but that was last Saturday. We road-tripped with our friend M. to have a look at the Lexington area to see if he might like to live and work there. The public library (first stop on our list!) was pretty awesome. It was several floors high, and had a permanent bookshop in the basement, as well as a Foucault Pendulum in the center of the floor plan.

Today's mini-roadtrip brings us to Fayetteville, WV - near the New River Gorge Bridge - home of the Cathedral Cafe. The Cathedral Cafe is my second-favorite place to eat in West Virginia.

The coffee's good too.

I just decided to take myself out for a spin and go somewhere beautiful and comforting. The drive here is twisty, turny, up-mountain and down, but lovely with the sun burnishing the sparkly snow. The waterfalls are starting to flood down the sides of the cliffs, too, which is a sure sign that Spring can't be too far away.

When I'm feeling odd or out-of-sorts or uncertain, there's nothing better than bashing my brains out with a little natural beauty.
Friday, February 08, 2008
  Towers of Power

Dale Chihuly - Huntington Museum of Art Tower
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Today involved driving 52 miles west for a job interview in Huntington, WV - a very promising interview, but we'll see if their postulated offer would make it worth driving over 100 miles a day to work.

Having nowhere to be for a while, I walked around downtown Huntington, waiting for the Indian buffet to open for lunch. After a delightful lunch, I made my way up to the Huntington Museum of Art , overlooking the rest of Huntington, where I spent a very pleasant hour poking around their various exhibits, including one of gorgeous Pennsylvania Impressionist works.

The Dale Chihuly sculpture you see in the photo is housed in the HMOA's lovely conservatory. It's a peaceful place full of plants and trees and art and koi fish. My kind of place.

Then I went in search of French pastries , and found them. I am bringing them home to feed my family.
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