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Tuesday, January 17, 2006
*"I keep thinking little thoughts ..."*

This weekend turned into more busy than I had anticipated. Friday evening I dj'ed at Kink(ed) at the Annex - so up until that point I was a complete nervous twit until the music got going and the people started showing up. I was impressed with the space and the sound system, and apparently about 200 people showed up. That's awesome! Makes me think that gig might keep going strong. They gave us free drinks - and while that's really nice - it encourages me to drink entirely more than my nearly-30-year-old body should. At 2 a.m. I treated myself to a Greenbush bakery kosher doughnut and carton of milk.

Saturday, when I was ready to drag my carcass out of bed, and hydrated, I had a nice little drive to Belleville for a baby shower. My high-school friend/former roommate Amy's sister is having a baby. It was interesting to see M. All grown up and married and pregnant, but mostly I just enjoyed the beauty of Amy's home, the sunlight on the lake, and the tasty snacks. I stayed behidn after the others left and had a good catch-up with Amy and her husband.

Of course, then I felt not at all like cooking. N & I haven't been going out to eat to speak of, and have been cooking a lot at home and making our own lunches to take to work. As a result, we weren't sure where to go when we felt like going out on Saturday. We settled on Taste of Asia on East Washington avenue - buffet-style, but really good thai and vietnamese food. Then we went and had a drink at the High Noon Saloon, just for fun. And ate frozen custard in bed while watching Invader Zim.

Sunday morning I got up early and drove to Hartland, WI - my best friend Jillian was in town for the weekend to attend a wedding, and I drove there to meet her at Perkins for 2 hours. She always helps me keep things in perspective, and besides - I probably won't see her again for 6 months at least. Sunday afternoon I went to WPCRC to work out on the treadmill and elliptical machine, went home for a lovely bubble bath, and had dinner at N's parents' house. We made shumai (little wonton pork or shrimp dumplings) and attempted to make sushi rolls - but old nori and the use of arborio rice thwarted us. Regardless, we still enjoyed the sashimi-grade tuna and the delicious dumplings, as well as the 'Nature' special on PBS that has Ewan McGregor and the Polar Bears.

Yesterday I was thoroughly lazy - had a slow start to the morning. Met D. for coffee and wandering State Street. Worked out at WPCRC again (started running), took a long bubble bath, cut myself rather badly shaving, and retreated to N's to have him cook for me and comfort me. We have recommenced watching Babylon 5: Season 2.

My life is fascinating.

But I can say, I'm usually never bored.
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