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Monday, November 21, 2005
It's Monday, and I'm still in the office - mostly because I'm printing a god-awful long document, but also because it's been a while since I've been in the office. I spent most of last week coughing my lungs out - I hope they grow back - and as a result I am Behind, with a capital B.

Furthermore, I've suffered a bit of a setback with the book. The murderer isn't who I thought it was. That presents a difficulty as you may well imagine. So it's back to thinking and outlining so as not to waste more time writing chapters that go nowhere. I'll have to rearrange my schedule, but that's ok. I may not finish it by my birthday, but that's ok too. Or so I tell myself, because I'm trying to work on a kinder, gentler attitude toward myself.

To that end: today's been a good day, in the "Today-is-the-first-day-of-the-rest-of-your-life-take-it-one-day-at-a-time" kind of way. Undoing bad habits takes time. Today I think I have (or I will have by the end of it) drunk enough water, and not drunk soda. I have drunk two cups of herbal tea. I sucessfully resisted the Forbidden Kringele brought in by the Big Boss. I walked up 28 flights of stairs (not all at once), and later I will kick some ass, aquatically speaking. Also, I will snuggle with N, who is patient and caring when I am coughing my lungs out.

I read two Patricia Cornwell novels this weekend. Ever since I read "Death's Acre", about the Body Farm and forensic anthropology, I've had a positive *mania* for forensic anthropology and crime scene investigation. (Which is to say, since last week). So I checked out about 5 books about CSI and forensics from the public library, and likely now the FBI will start a file on me as a potential serial killer or something.

Thursday is a day off - of sorts - for Thanksgiving. I'm making dinner for N & his family, a light vegetarian supper, which will consist of the following:

*Green beans with dill & orange
*Ginger-butternut-squash biscuits
*Garlicky-spinach-tomato-tortellini soup
*Garlic mashed-potatoeses
*Some kind of apple or berry crisp with vanilla whipped cream

Yes, i'm quite looking forward to that. And to Friday, and a quiet but hopefully industrious work day.
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